Why Destin Florida Is Called The Emerald Coast

Destin's claim to being the "Luckiest Fishing Village" is no joke. If you like to be adventurous, Destin has activities under, above and on the water. Here are just a few that you can book during your stay and never do the same thing twice!
Emerald Coast Green Waters of Destin Florida


When we post photos of our beaches and Harbor in Destin, Florida we are always asked, is the water in Destin really that color? Those of you that have traveled to this beautiful area or those of you that are fortunate enough to call this home, know the answer. Yes, it is! Whether you are flying 500 feet in the air with Destin Parasailing or on the beach squishing it between your toes, it’s the truth!

The fact is that we have the most beautiful watercolors and sugary white sandy beaches in the world. This can be explained in two simple parts. The first part is the most important reason; we are far enough from where the Mississippi River meets the gulf that all the sediments in the river do not affect our waters and since we have no sediments, our waters remain clear. When we look into the Gulf of Mexico and see the clear green and blue watercolors against the white sand underneath it can take your breath away. The fine, white sand of the Emerald Coast creates a clearer backdrop and better reflects the true color of the water. On the east coast where there is course, darker sand found results in a distorted color being refracted off the waters of the Atlantic. The fine, highly polished quartz crystals that comprise the sand found here on the Emerald Coast originated high in the Appalachian Mountains some 350 million years ago. The journey from the mountain range to the Panhandle was much longer than that from the range to the east coast. Due to the long trip, the crystals were further eroded and sun-bleached resulting in very fine, white sand. So on the days that it is more blue than green, comes down to how much algae is in the water on that day.

So come take a visit to Destin and stimulate all five of your senses all at once. Feel the warm waves against your bare skin; taste some of the freshest seafood in the country; smell the salty sea breezes from the Gulf; listen to local bands around town; and see beautiful sandy white beaches that go on for miles or water sports along the Harbor. Visit us at www.DestinBoardwalk.com for Things to Do, Places to Stay and Events.

THE DESTIN BOARDWALK – Experience the “Real” Destin! Come experience the sights and sounds of the Destin Harbor Boardwalk, where the city of Destin started. Known as a premier family destination, voted Best Beaches in the South 14 straight years, made the Top 10 “Most Popular Beaches in the United States and also boasts amazing fishing opportunities in what’s called the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.” Experience the Destin Harbor’s infinite opportunities and events and make your time here an unforgettable one! www.DestinBoarwalk.com

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