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Experience the holiday season like never before at some of these memory-making events throughout Destin. … Read More

How You Can Help During Thanksgiving

While we should all be thankful throughout the year, Thanksgiving is a time that has been set aside specifically for us to reflect on all of the kindness that has been extended to us throughout the year and expresses our … Read More

Beached Boat

Ghost Boat Washes Ashore in Miramar Beach

What a spooky site when you first see this sail boat. No captain on board, sails are torn and the name is “Phantom of the Aqua.” When this sail boat first made its phantom voyage into our shores last weekend, … Read More

Local Magic Act Win National Award!

Master Illusionists’ Noah & Heather Wells will accept their third Merlin Award in the past seven years at a public ceremony held on May 8th, 2017 in Fort Walton Beach, FL. The husband and wife duo are the stars of the award winning Maximum Magic Dinner Show located in Fort Walton Beach, FL (Okaloosa Island). … Read More

Join us this weekend

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Do you love wildlife?

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We made the list!

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Amazing new video

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Take A Thrill Ride Along the Destin Harbor

If you like to be adventurous, Destin has activities under, above and on the water. … Read More

Best views of the west coast

Posuere sapien volutpat ut facilisis nulla at est ornare, vitae pharetra lectus hendrerit. Pellentesque sit amet vulputate ligula. Nullam suscipit hendrerit metus, et blandit tellus fermentum ut. Aenean leo quam, hendrerit nec ante in, malesuada pellentesque mauris. Aliquam lectus sapien, … Read More

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