Crab Island is a sandbar that is located just South of the Marler Bridge in Destin, FL. Crab Island started to gain in popularity as boaters used the area to anchor their boats to catch some rays and wade on the sandbar. Now Crab Island has erupted into a popular social scene where locals and tourists congregate for fun and sun. Crab Island is just minutes from the Destin Harbor. Discover dining, tours, attractions and events in the Destin Harbor online at Destin Boardwalk.


Anyone who has been to Crab Island has seen the vast array of marine life. From dolphins to sea birds, friendly animal encounters at Crab Island Destin FL are commonplace. So, why is it called Crab Island? Before a hurricane covered the once tiny island in emerald waters, Crab Island was a small plot of land shaped like... you guessed it... a CRAB! Along with the thousands of tiny crabs found on the floor of the sandbar, it's easy to see why it is called Crab Island! 


Crab Island has been a popular spot for the locals for years. They would take their boats and skiffs and congregate with other locals over music, food, and beverage. Over the years, the tourists have joined the mix to create a bigger scene. It's not unusual to see hundreds, if not close to a thousand boats at Crab Island on a Summer day. Due to the influx of people enjoying Crab Island, vendors have made this an opportunity to sell products and services. There are food vendors that line up the island and offer burgers, fries and sandwiches. You will also find mini stores that sell everything from suntan lotion to doritos. For those looking for an inexpensive thrill, some vendors offer inflatables at Crab Island including large water trampolines and slides. If you didn't rent one already, there are kayaks, paddleboards and jet ski's available for rent as well. 


Crab Island is just south of the Marler Bridge (Also Called The Marler Bridge). Although it may seem as if you can access it by foot, you must have some type of watercraft to get yourself to the location.




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