Dolphin Cruises and Tours


View the beautiful Destin Harbor and meet our most playful residents—the famous bottlenose dolphins! Watch them swim, jump and entertain you throughout your experience!

A variety of sightseeing tour invites our visitors and locals alike to join in a playful ride. Revel in the wonders of nature as our coastal marine life curiously make appearances for stunning photo opportunities and serene scenic memories. 

Set out to sea in search of Destin dolphins aboard one of many Dolphin Cruise boats. Take in scenic views of the famous Destin Harbor, learn about Destin’s history, and enjoy the fresh ocean air. Both convenient and comfortable, these cruises depart daily and provide plenty of seating for your whole crew. 

Another unique and upfront way to observe is using waverunners to see the bottlenose dolphins. These type adventures starts out at the Destin Harbor as experienced guides takes you to various dolphin “hang outs”. After exploring these amazing Dolphins in their natural habitat, you are sometimes then allowed to adventure out as well. You can explore at your own pace. Make sure to bring a waterproof camera so you can get some good shots of the dolphins!

What is the best time of day to spot Dolphins?
In the Destin area, dolphins tend to be the most active in the morning and again in the mid-afternoon.

Where is the best place to spot Dolphins in Destin?
Dolphins, which are not migratory mammals, can be seen here year round.  Great places to spot them are in and around the Destin Harbor, the Destin East Pass and the Choctawhatchee Bay.

Are there any specific tips to finding and seeing Dolphins?
Contrary to what you may think…Dolphins like wakes created by boats, so keep an eye out there. Also, when in shallow waters, they tend to hang out in pods of of 4 to 7, so it is not usual that when you see one Dolphin there is a good chance others are close by.

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