Norriego Point


Norriego Point/Destin Jetties

The sandy piece of beach found at the end of Holiday Isle is called Norriego Point. Norriego Point is named after a Spanish family from Pensacola back when it was owned by Spain.

Norriego Point is a white sand peninsula located at the end of Gulf Shore Drive on Holiday Isle. It is different from most beach areas in Destin because it is not directly on the Gulf of Mexico. One side of Norriego Point is located on Destin Harbor and the other side sits on the East Pass which leads out to the Gulf of Mexico.

This beach area has plenty of beautiful scenery and areas to walk around and explore. You can watch boats cruising by on the harbor and take in the view and sounds of Harborwalk Village. The scenery is further enhanced by the sand dunes, sea oats and wooden fences all over Norriego Point which make beautiful backdrops to photos. You are bound to see plenty of blue heron and other birds out here as well.

There are some inlets of water protected by jetties here that make for nice calm swimming areas on the East Pass side. Some people do swim on the harbor side beach area but just be careful to watch for boats coming and going.

Norriego Point is a popular area for boaters who can beach their boats along the shore on the harbor side to hang out awhile.  Many people also come to Norriego Point by Kayak or Paddle Board. There is even a Water Taxi stop on Norriego Point so you can come or go here from anywhere on Destin Harbor.


East Pass is located by the Destin Harbor. It is the opening between Choctawhatchee Bay and the glorious gulf. The Destin Bridge and Highway 98 provide access over the pass which features the popular Crab Island on the north side of the bridge.

Over at 100 years have passed since a hurricane closed off the gulf from the bay and the local fishermen dug a narrow trench, that with the help of the incoming tide, re-connected the two bodies of water. Stone barriers were placed there going out on the east and west banks to form twin jetties that flank the opening on both sides to protect the opening.

The Destin Jetties provide some of the best fishing around and is the home to some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the gulf.

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Destin’s Norriego Point Gets a Make-Over!

The anticipated Norriego Point renovations and improvements are on schedule to be finished by the end of 2021. The many new additions include a boardwalk, dune crossovers, restrooms, and many other amenities. Those and other public-use additions will be added to

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