Destin Dolphins – our Original Locals leave a Lasting Impression!

Our most talked about and loved resident of Destin is a sight to behold!

Dolphins are perhaps the most beloved of all marine mammals. They are intelligent, super social, and famous for their playful nature. With their curved mouths, they give the illusion of a permanent ‘smile.’ Children love them and adults cannot hide their excitement when they see one up close.

Who doesn’t want to see dolphins in their natural habitat? When you are visiting Destin, you should head on down to the Destin Boardwalk to make your trip a worthwhile experience. Destin Boardwalk will help you turn your dreams into reality when it comes to viewing the wonderful mammals. We have a wide range of amazing dolphin sightseeing tour packages for you to choose from.

Our cruises along the beautiful Destin coastline offer great fun for people of all ages. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the emerald green water of the Gulf of Mexico and be ready for encountering the dolphins having fun in their natural habitat. The two-hour cruise will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience of watching groups of dolphins frolicking in the warm Gulf waters.

Everybody knows that dolphins are incredibly social and love to interact with people. We are all familiar with the loveable Flipper character from TV, but did you know that the Orca, often called the Killer Whale, is actually the largest dolphin? There are other interesting facts about dolphins that will make you fall in love with the mammal even more.

a bunch of dolphins swimming

Five Fun Facts About Dolphins

1. Intensely Social Mammals

Dolphins live in groups of a dozen and more, called pods, and they communicate with each other with clicks, squeaks, and whistles. A superpod can comprise more than 1,000 dolphins. Scientists are still trying to find whether dolphins have language as humans do. Since they are mammals, they nurse their babies. A dolphin’s calf stays with the mother for up to six years, depending on the species. Female dolphins, also called cows, carry a baby for nine to 17 months and often give birth to only one calf.

2. Sleeping with a Half Brain

Dolphins are semihemispheric sleepers. They switch off half of their brain while sleeping so that they can sleep and stay alert at the same time. Since dolphins cannot breathe underwater, they also go near the surface to sleep so that their blowhole doesn’t get covered with water.

3. Fish and Squid

Dolphins mainly eat squid and fish. While they have around a hundred teeth, they don’t use them to eat the fish. Instead, they swallow a whole fish. This is because they don’t have jaw muscles for chewing. So basically, digestion occurs in a part of their stomachs. They have multiple stomach chambers, and one of those is devoted to digestion.

4. The Secret to Their Skin

Dolphins have shiny and sleek skin. It is because their skin can be regenerated every two hours. Since their skin can slough off as often as every two hours, it remains smooth all the time. It also reduces friction as they swim.       

5. A Spoon Full of Water

While human beings would drown if there are two tablespoons of water in their lungs, just one tablespoon of water in a dolphin’s lung can drown it.

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