Jet Ski and Waverunners


Cruising the Emerald Green Waters

So your here in Destin and are looking out over our amazing Emerald Green waters and see the many people out there cruising around on jet ski’s and waverunners. 

You now are thinking I want to do this, but where do i go? How much is it? What is the difference between a Jet Ski and Waverunner? 

We have the answers you seek! First, the difference between a Jet Ski and a Waverunner is basically the way you ride them. Jet Skis are driving from a standing position and a Waverunner is done sitting down. Recently the difference has become a bit blurred as Jet Ski can be ridden seated and visa versa. So it boils down to  to what version you prefer.

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Destin’s Norriego Point Gets a Make-Over!

The anticipated Norriego Point renovations and improvements are on schedule to be finished by the end of 2021. The many new additions include a boardwalk, dune crossovers, restrooms, and many other amenities. Those and other public-use additions will be added to

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